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Week 21: Submission
by « ★ K r i s t i n a ★ » (darkranger)
at May 13th, 2007 (01:35 pm)

The theme for this week is Alone - You can interpret this how you like - as long as it fits the theme.

Your icons will be due by Friday, May 18th at 8PM GMT

001. You may submit up to 2 icons per contest.
002. Icons must be compatible with LiveJournal. Icons cannot be larger than 100x100 pixels or larger than 40kb.
003. You cannot advertise your icon elsewhere. Do not have it as your default icon or advertise it in your own journal. You may do this, however, after the winners of each contest are announced.
004. Now for an obvious rule. Do NOT post someone else's icon. You MUST make your own. Though you may use brushes, textures, and other patterns made by others if they allow it.
005. You MUST stick to the theme.

Use the following format to submit to this post! (Comments WILL be screened)

(image of the icon using the img src tag)
(url of the icon)


Chris Jericho

Good luck to everyone!